Shipping Policy

Piracy and armed robbery require a concerted, multifaceted and coordinated response by the international community at the highest level and cooperation with the African littoral states to restore security and reduce the threats to the safety and security of crews and vessels operating worldwide and, in particular, in the region of the Gulf of Guinea (GoG).

The EU’s new initiative to address the security challenges in the area by launching the pilot case of the “Coordinated Maritime Presences (CMP)”14 concept in the GoG is a welcomed development for which further elaboration is needed.

The IMO should reinforce its efforts to enhance the coordination of initiatives among stakeholders to address the problematic situation in the area, while the EU should put maritime security high on the agenda of partnership and trade agreements, as well as of other forms of cooperation with African partners.

Piracy and armed attacks against shipping are a global problem and require a concerted, sustainable and effective response by the international community at the highest level, which includes both the IMO and the EU.

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