Campaign for the Seafaring Profession

Piraeus, 13.05.2021

Campaign for the Seafaring Profession

The Union of Greek Shipowners launches today a campaign for the new generation to explore career opportunities offered by the seafaring profession. Entitled "A Sea of Opportunities", the campaign* takes place mainly on social media, the youth’s communication and information meeting place. Its purpose is to draw attention to employment at sea and the career prospects it offers. 

“The common vision of the Greek State and the Greek shipping community is to revive the seamanship which is deeply rooted in our nation’s DNA, so as to continue a tradition that was born in Greek historic maritime communities and gradually spread around the country, contributing to the modern Greek maritime miracle, which constitutes a fundamental pillar of the Greek economy and society”, the President of the Union of Greek Shipowners, Mr. Theodore Veniamis, stated.

Although economic and social developments distanced young people from the profession in the past, the seafaring profession remains a promising but also modern employment prospect, as both its profile and economic and working conditions rank high among the most technologically advanced and prestigious careers. 

The Union of Greek Shipowners call on the Greek youth to join the seafaring profession, either as officers or as ratings, not only on the Greek-owned fleet, which accounts for almost 4,800 ships, but also on the tens of thousands of other ships internationally, taking advantage of the excellent Greek seafarer’s reputation.

“Greek shipping can form the basis for the development of a new generation of seafarers, who will excel internationally and reap very important personal and professional benefits. We, therefore, invite young people to turn to the seafaring profession, which will also offer them unique experiences and emotions”, Mr. Veniamis concluded.

 * Links provided for the relevant three (general invite, for officers, for ratings) videos: