The UGS welcomes the Green Deal Industrial Plan and stresses EU shipping’s key role

Piraeus, 30.3.2023

The UGS welcomes the Green Deal Industrial Plan and stresses EU shipping’s key role

The UGS welcomes the EU Green Deal Industrial Plan (GDIP) and the relevant legislative proposals, which were discussed at the recent European Summit. The Greek shipping community stands ready to contribute to the success of the Plan’s objective to massively increase the deployment of new technologies and green products.

Shipping’s key role in this deployment is self-evident. Shipping guarantees the security of supply of energy, raw materials and essential goods for the EU economy at both calm and turbulent times. It constitutes a strategic industry for the EU and not a mere mode of transport.

At the same time, the decarbonization of the shipping sector urgently requires dedicated alternative and safe marine fuels. The GDIP must cater for their speedy and sufficient development and supply by out of sector stakeholders. Equally, implementation of the GDIP should not lead to distortion of competition and major inequities among EU Member States.

For the achievement of the Plan’s multiple objectives and for a viable EU shipping, better coordination among the competent services of the EU and closer consultation with the shipping industry is required.

“Without shipping there can be neither green transition nor strategic autonomy for the EU”, the President of the UGS, Ms. Melina Travlos, stated. The path to the decarbonisation of our sector must be ambitious but also realistic. This is the absolute minimum to safeguard the international competitiveness and sustainability of EU shipping, a vital industry the EU cannot do without”, Ms. Travlos concluded.