Posidonia 2022

The UGS gave a Press Conference, today, at Posidonia 2022. During the Press Conference, the President of the UGS, Ms. Melina Travlos, as well as the Vice-President, Mr Michael Chandris, the Secretary, Mr Dimitrios Fafalios, the Secretary Mr Nikolaos Veniamis and the MoB and President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the UGS, Mr John Lyras, answered questions by media representatives about various issues regarding the shipping industry.

During her statement, at YES To Shipping Forum 2022, at Posidonia 2022, the President of the UGS, Ms. Melina Travlos, mentioned: “Since I was young, younger than you, as I can see, I was taught by my father, Nikos Travlos the love for the sea, the love for shipping. I learned that shipping requires love, strategy, vision, faith, discipline, consistency and hard work.

Following my father, there was another mentor coming from the shipping community. Theodoros Veniamis was the man who in his own unique way, his persuasion, perseverance and patience encouraged me, inspired me to be involved, for many years, with the Union and as a result, today, to be its president.

Shipping sector offers you the opportunity to create, to stand out, it offers many and various career paths to follow. It is up to you to find and follow the path leading you to a great career. We are by your side. We are going to be your mentors! Giving you the opportunity to be involved in shipping in an active and effective way!”