Posidonia 2018 - Statement by the President of the Union of Greek Shipowners, Mr. Theodore Veniamis

Piraeus, 15.5.2018

We are particularly proud that, amidst significant challenges both for the shipping industry and for Greece, Posidonia 2018 is once again here, manifesting the resilience, commitment and potential of our industry and our country. The achievements of Greek shipping are important, not only for Greece but also for Europe and for the welfare of all nations. The Greek-controlled fleet continues to hold the first position internationally, representing about 20% of the global fleet in dwt terms, including a 30% share of tankers and 22% of bulk carriers, while approximately half of the total European Union fleet capacity is Greek-owned.

The achievements of Greek shipping are further reflected in the way it is welcomed, appreciated and respected by its trading partners around the world. It is this legacy of commitment and reliability that the Greek shipping community continuously strives to uphold and honour. This is also the legacy that the Posidonia Exhibition carries forward, as an established international institution of outstanding excellence.

Posidonia will soon open its doors to exhibitors and visitors from all over the world who will participate in what constitutes a celebration of the maritime industry but also a unique opportunity for presenting the latest technological and other maritime innovations and for initiating solid partnerships. It is without doubt the most highly acknowledged international event for the global shipping industry and we are particularly pleased that our country is its birthplace.

The Union of Greek Shipowners, as the institutional representative of the Greek shipping community, will remain at the forefront of efforts to forge strong alliances and establish constructive cooperation with stakeholders for sustainable shipping policies and for the benefit of international shipping, global trade and growth.